Types of Funeral Insurance Policies For Australian Seniors

types of funeral insurance policies for Australian seniors

The Australian seniors have access to various types of funeral insurance policies tailored to meet their specific needs and financial situations. These insurance products offer peace of mind to older individuals and their families by ensuring that funeral expenses are adequately covered. Understanding the different types of funeral insurance policies available is crucial in making an informed decision. The three major types of funeral insurance policies are:

  • Lump-sum funeral insurance;
  • Stepped funeral insurance;
  • Level premium funeral insurance

Each of these funeral insurance policies structure comes with its own benefits and considerations. In this article, we will explore each of this funeral insurance policy type that is specifically designed for seniors in Australia, providing valuable insights to help them choose the most suitable coverage for their end-of-life planning needs. Still new to the concept of funeral insurance for seniors? See this comprehensive guide on funeral insurance for seniors in Australia.

List of Funeral Insurance Policies For Australian Seniors

Lump-Sum Funeral Insurance Policy

Topping the list of funeral insurance policies for Australian seniors is the Lump-Sum. Lump-Sum Funeral Insurance is a type of funeral insurance policy that provides a predetermined fixed amount of money (a lump sum) to the beneficiaries upon the insured person’s death. You may also read how to get cheap funeral insurance policy in Australia


Features of Lump-Sum Funeral Insurance Policy

  1. Fixed Benefit

With lump-sum funeral insurance, the policyholder selects a specific coverage amount, which remains constant throughout the policy term. This means that upon the insured person’s passing, the beneficiaries receive the chosen lump sum, regardless of any change in the policyholder’s health status over time.

  1. Guaranteed Acceptance

Lump-sum funeral insurance often requires no medical exams or health questions. This makes it more accessible to individuals of varying health conditions, including those who may not qualify for traditional life insurance due to pre-existing medical conditions.

  1. Premiums

The premium amount for lump-sum funeral insurance is typically determined based on the chosen coverage amount, the policyholder’s age at the time of application, and other factors that the insurance provider may consider. Premiums may vary from person to person based on these factors.

  1. Waiting Period

Some lump-sum funeral insurance policies may include a waiting period before the full death benefit is payable. During this waiting period, which usually ranges from a few months to two years, the beneficiaries may only receive a limited payout or a refund of premiums paid.

Drawbacks of Lump-Sum Funeral Insurance Policy

  • Inflation Considerations: One drawback of lump-sum funeral insurance is that the coverage amount does not increase over time, potentially leading to insufficient funds to cover future funeral expenses due to inflation.
  • Limited Flexibility: The fixed benefit may not cover all funeral costs if funeral expenses exceed the chosen coverage amount. This may require beneficiaries to seek additional funds to cover the difference.

Stepped Premium Funeral Insurance Policy

Another on the list of funeral insurance policies for Australian seniors is stepped premium policy. Stepped premium funeral insurance is a type of insurance policy designed specifically for Australian seniors, offering coverage for end-of-life expenses. The defining characteristic of a stepped premium policy is that the premium increases over time as the insured individual gets older. This means that the premium starts lower when the policy is initially purchased and gradually increases with each passing year.

Features of Stepped Premium Funeral Insurance

  1. Affordability at the Outset

As the name sounds—stepped. Stepped premium policies are appealing to seniors who may have limited budgets, as the initial premium is lower than what one might pay for a level premium policy.

  1. Easy to Start

These policies are easy to start, and the application process often involves minimal health checks or no medical underwriting at all. This makes them accessible to seniors with pre-existing health conditions.

  1. Flexible Coverage Amount

Seniors can choose a coverage amount that suits their specific needs and budget. This allows them to tailor the policy to cover their desired funeral expenses adequately.

  1. Immediate Coverage

In most cases, stepped premium policies provide immediate coverage from the start of the policy, without any waiting period for accidental death. This ensures peace of mind knowing that the policy is active as soon as it is purchased.

Drawbacks of Stepped Premium Funeral Insurance

  • Increasing Premium Costs: The primary drawback of stepped premium policies is the increasing cost of premiums over time. As seniors get older, the premiums can become considerably higher, which may become a financial burden in later years when they are living on a fixed income.
  • Long-Term Cost: While the initial premiums may be more affordable, the cumulative cost of the policy over many years could end up being higher than other types of funeral insurance policies, such as level premium policies.
  • Risk of Lapsed Policies: For seniors on limited budgets, the increasing premiums can lead to policy lapses if they become unaffordable over time. This could result in the loss of all paid premiums and a lack of coverage when it is needed most.
  • Not Ideal for Long-Term Planning: Stepped premium funeral insurance may not be the best option for those seeking a long-term insurance solution, as the continually increasing premiums might not align with their financial goals.

If you are not interested in funeral insurance, read about prepaid funeral plans in Australia.

Level Premium Funeral Insurance Policy

Level Premium funeral insurance policy is a type of insurance plan that offers a consistent premium amount throughout the policy’s duration. It is designed to provide Australian seniors with a predictable and steady cost of coverage, making it easier to budget for the future.

Features of Level Premium Funeral Insurance for Australian Seniors

  1. Stable Premiums

The most significant feature of a Level Premium funeral insurance policy is that the premium amount remains fixed for the entire duration of the policy. Seniors can rely on a consistent premium, unaffected by age-related increases, ensuring easier financial planning.

  1. Lifetime Coverage

Level Premium policies typically provide lifetime coverage, meaning as long as the premiums are paid, the policy will remain in force. This offers peace of mind to seniors, knowing that their funeral expenses will be covered when the time comes.

  1. Guaranteed Benefit

Upon the policyholder’s passing, a guaranteed benefit amount is paid out to the beneficiaries. This benefit amount remains the same throughout the policy’s term, providing assurance that the coverage will not diminish over time.

  1. Accumulated Value

Over time, the total premium payments made can exceed the guaranteed benefit amount. In such cases, the accumulated value is often returned to the beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s death.

Drawbacks of Level Premium Funeral Insurance for Australian Seniors

  • Higher Initial Premiums One of the main drawbacks of Level Premium funeral insurance is that the premium amount is higher at the start compared to other premium structures. However, as policyholders age, the premium may become more cost-effective compared to Stepped Premium policies.
  • No Premium Refunds: Should the policyholder cancel the insurance before their passing, there is usually no refund of premiums paid. This can be a significant financial loss for seniors who may no longer require the coverage.
  • Longer Break-Even Period: The fixed premium in Level Premium policies means that it takes longer for the total premium paid to equal the policy’s benefit amount. In the early years of the policy, the coverage may seem costly compared to the payout.
  • Inflation Impact: While the premium remains stable, the benefit amount does not typically increase with inflation. Over time, the cost of funeral expenses may rise, potentially impacting the coverage’s adequacy in the future.


In summary, below is the distinguishing features of each funeral insurance policy types.

Lump-Sum Funeral Insurance Stepped Premium Funeral Insurance Level Premium Funeral Insurance
Premium Structure Single lump-sum premium payment upfront Premiums increase at regular intervals Fixed premiums throughout the policy term.
Cost Considerations Higher initial premium cost Initially more affordable premiums Higher initial premiums than stepped
gradually increase over time premiums, but cost remains stable over time
Premium Changes No changes in premium throughout the policy Premiums usually increase with age Premiums remain constant regardless of age
Policy Cost Over Time Generally more cost-effective over time May become more expensive as the policyholder May be more expensive initially but may
due to stable premiums ages, making it less cost-effective become more affordable in the long run
Coverage Amount Fixed lump-sum coverage amount May offer lower coverage amount initially and Offers fixed coverage amount throughout the
throughout the policy term may increase with age or policy changes policy term
Flexibility Less flexible in adjusting coverage amount Flexibility to increase or decrease coverage Offers consistent coverage amount and
or policy terms or change policy terms according to needs terms throughout the policy term
Advantages Immediate full coverage and peace of mind Initially lower premiums make it more Predictable and stable premium payments
from the start of the policy accessible to budget-conscious seniors make it easier to plan for

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