NRMA Green Slip Insurance In New South Wales (NSW)

NRMA green slip insurance new south wales


About NRMA Green Slip Insurance

NRMA Insurance has been around for about 90 years, helping Australians protect themselves on the road. The Insurance company is backed by the Insurance Australian Group (IAG)—the largest general insurance company in Australia and New Zealand. NRMA green slip or compulsory third-party insurance in New South Wales (NSW) protect car owners against unforeseen road occurrence. Read more about green slip insurance.

NRMA insurance is unique in the sense that her green slip insurance policy gives drivers of trhe insured vehicle extra protection and also covers medical expenses of other people involved in an accident.



What NRMA Green Slip Insurance Cover

Unlike other insurance companies in New South Wales, NRMA Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP) also give you Driver Protection Cover—which serves as an extra cover if you cause an accident and suffer a certain degree of injuries.


Meanwhile, NRMA green slip insurance covers the following for anyone driving your insured vehicle:

  1. Medical Expenses of the Driver of the Green Slip Insured Vehicle

Through the NRMA CTP or green slip insurance policy, the injuries sustained in an accident with the insured vehicles shall be covered up to 26 weeks after the accident.


  1. Medical Expenses of Others in the Green Slip Insured Vehicle

NRMA insurance will cover other people’s injuries from an accident your insured vehicle caused including your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.


  1. Lost Income

Imagine getting involved in an accident with fatal injuries. Aside from the trauma of the scene, the loss of time and income is another burden entirely. The NRMA green slip insurance policy will cover part of your income for up to 26 weeks in case you need time off work to recover.


  1. Extra cover for your injuries

Under certain terms and conditions, NRMA green slip insurance will offer extra cover for certain serious injuries if you cause an accident.


  1. Ridesharing

NRMA green slip insurance will cover you if you drive for a ride sharing service like Uber.


What NRMA CTP Insurance Does Not Cover

The NRMA green slip insurance offers numerous benefits for its customer in New South Wales and Australia in general. However, the green slip insurance doesn’t cover the following:

  1. The vehicle

Damages done to the insured vehicle aren’t covered,

  1. Other vehicles and properties are not covered as well.

NRMA Green Slip Insurance Pricing

The pricing for the Green Slip insurance is different for vehicles and persons. However, the fastest way to find out how much it will cost you is to get a quote. The cost of the CTP or green slip insurance is based on parameters such as you and your vehicle.

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